What is so important about the SBE?

Recently, a friend was asking around about who they thought was the single most important group of people that decided on their home education freedom in Ohio. He was surprised to find out most were not informed, so here is the short explanation to that question. The Ohio State Board of Education has purview over the current home education regulations, and has had for the last 21 years. The SBE, collectively, are the “regulators.” It only makes sense to concentrate efforts on this body. Only six years ago, the home education regulations (OAC 3301-34-01 to -06) were reviewed and for the first time in close to twenty years, the Ohio Department of Education staff gave the advise to the SBE to revise the rules. This is why OEF has begun the process of campaigning and electing candidates that will support our right to home education. Please consider joining us by signing up for our e-mail lists.