About Us

Ohioans for Educational Freedom is a brand-new organization founded and directed by Mark Stevenson, a home school dad and legislative advocate. Mark is qualified to direct this new group. Mark has been the Political Action Committee Chairman for Christian Home Educators Stark County Association for the last six years and he has also maintained a statewide e-mail list for the last ten years for support group leaders called OhioHSLeaders. Mark was one of many leaders around the state of Ohio to draw up strategy to lead the charge concerning the last rule review  on the Home Education Regulations in 2008.

Mark resides in Canton, Ohio, along with his wife Diane. They have been happily married for 34 years and have four children; Jonathan, Charity, Christina and David. They have home schooled all.

Additionally, Mark was the Executive Director of Right to Life of Stark County for over five years and lead collaborative events in the pro-life arena. Mark will keep Ohioans informed on issues that affect educational policy in Ohio and candidates who support well-grounded educational policy in Ohio.

Randy Pope is the founder of Modest Clothing Distributors and Natural Healing Herb. He served on City Council in a small town in Ohio and ran for School Board, City Treasurer and State Representative. He has worked inside and outside of the political machine for over 30 years. Randy has a burden to bring a Christian worldview to the market place of ideas.

About the time that Randy graduated from College he was introduced to several Christian Ministries that taught the providential view of history, and the Biblical worldview. In short order he began to put his new found knowledge to use in politics. He made himself familiar with the issues of pornography and abortion and began working to end the practice of both of these evils in America. Randy will work to keep home schooling a legal option in the State of Ohio and protect the rights of parents to educate their children in the way they think is best.  Randy and his wife Rhonda have five children ranging in age from 21 to 3.