Why OEF?

Home Education has long been an educational option for parents to decide what’s best for their children in this country. Back in “the day” when the home education movement started, parents faced the difficult decision whether or not they were home educating and whether their right to do it was worth fighting for. Personally knowing some of the “pioneers”, we’ve heard first-hand accounts of the difficulties back then and remember them ourselves. One difference between back then and now is that we have had home education regulations in place in Ohio since 1989. Hearing the testimony of so many, we believe the firm majority who have participated in home education have said it has been a means of achieving unique blessings and opportunities for their families. However, the concept of home education in Ohio is not safe without the constant vigilance and dedication of so many supporters and activists.

…the concept of home education in Ohio is not safe without constant vigilance

By its very existence as an option, the concept of home education has its social and political resistance. Because of the very nature of over-reaching government and social agencies, home education is viewed with suspicion as a means of alienation and abuse. We all know that this assertion cannot be further from the truth. Consequently, for each one of us, it is our individual responsibility to look after our freedom to home educate in Ohio.

That is why there is a political action committee such as Ohioans for Educational Freedom, with a website, completely dedicated to equipping OEF members, as citizens of the State of Ohio, to speak to the issue of home education and take action when necessary. No one wants to speak irrationally or unintelligibly to leaders in our communities. Therefore, as a member of OEF we would ask you to take a look at the content on our site. It will, in time, provide information with which to vote for good solid candidates.

Ohioans for Educational Freedom is looking for people who want to know the correct candidates to vote for when they enter that voting booth. We are looking for people who know how to get to the bottom of an issue, even though some may try to obfuscate it. We are looking for people who are not afraid of public servants who are attempting to legislate away our rights because of “one bad apple”. We are looking for people who want to stand up and be counted as defending the right of being able to teach our own children.

If you fit these criteria, please sign up to serve on one of the teams we have available. Your right to home educate depends on it.